New Urban Classics

A collection by national award winning designer Robert Martignoni

Perfect for Traditional or New Urban neighborhood developments with narrow lots, the exteriors of these homes exemplify many of America's historic home styles. If you are a builder, developer, or an individual looking for homes that combine the simple elegance of historic architecture with exciting new floor plans, this collection of designs is for you.

Chapman Cottage
1,442 SqFt
Chapman Cottage II
1,442 SqFt
Fariss Cottage
1,515 SqFt
Chapman Bungalow
1,636 SqFt
Chapman Federal
1,652 SqFt
Pinbrook Cottage
1,724 SqFt
Benton Bungalow II
1,724 SqFt
Shepherd Cottage
1,766 SqFt
Bradford Bungalow
1,793 SqFt
Lowry Place
1,890 SqFt
Barrow's Square
1,900 SqFt
Lowry Place II
1,924 SqFt
Leighland Cottage
1,945 SqFt
Hamilton House
2,014 SqFt
Fearn Cottage
2,032 SqFt
Duxbury Townhouse
2,122 SqFt
Clement Place
2,133 SqFt
Fariss Cottage II
2,138 SqFt
Anson Park
2,243 SqFt
Cranston Bungalow
2,266 SqFt
Franklin House
2,286 SqFt
Hutchens Cottage
2,286 SqFt
Hollowell House
2,304 SqFt
Bierne Bungalow
2,306 SqFt
Bradley Hills
2,421 SqFt
Wiltshire Glen
2,428 SqFt
Drake Hill
2,428 SqFt
Villa Campania
2,458 SqFt
Hillsdale House
2,509 SqFt
Archdale Place
2,527 SqFt
Calhoun Cottage
2,533 SqFt
Bradley Hills II
2,645 SqFt
Forest Manor
2,688 SqFt
Berwick Place
2,698 SqFt
Mayhew Manor
2,714 SqFt
Brindlee Bungalow
2,728 SqFt
Pawtucket Corner
2,728 SqFt
Charleston Place
2,748 SqFt
Villa Caprice
2,752 SqFt
Brinkley Square
2,752 SqFt
Hinsley Park
2,855 SqFt
Vicksburg House
2,884 SqFt
Beck Street Manor
3,079 SqFt
Erskine Row
3,123 SqFt
Sheraton Square
3,130 SqFt
Wellington Manor
3,184 SqFt
Tuscany Pointe
3,226 SqFt
Bannister Row
3,251 SqFt
3,319 SqFt
Cruse Cottage
3,339 SqFt
Villa Pasqual
3,340 SqFt
Blythe House
3,346 SqFt
Raleigh Place
3,427 SqFt
Tuxedo Park
3,542 SqFt
Chadwick Place
3,551 SqFt
Mistwood Manor
3,554 SqFt
Claridge House
3,566 SqFt
Munroe Place
3,580 SqFt
Longfellow House
3,588 SqFt
Watkins Corner
3,592 SqFt
Bellingrath Manor
3,664 SqFt
Whitten Place
3,694 SqFt
Villa Sienna
3,699 SqFt
Woodfield Manor
3,720 SqFt
Wyndham Pointe
3,914 SqFt